:: LyCaNs BaSkEtBaLL ::

Hahahaha!! gua takde mase nak update blog, tapi buat masa sekarang, aku cuma nak bagitau yg aku officially ditarik masuk kedalam team Lycans.. Lycans ni sebenarnya second team kepada Pegasus (team yg menang MB Cup season lepas)... Diorang kekadang pegi tournament bawah nama Setiawangsa dan etc. Tapi player yang sama gak la. Tahun ni dengar kata ada rombakan player, itu la pasal aku dapat join team ni. Thanks to Saku yang telah mengikat kontrak dengan aku..

:: WoUnDeD HeArT ::

I used to think everything would be okay,
If we gave it time all the problems would just go away

We should try to sit and talk it out,
Coz I realized I miss you without a doubt

You said you need me and I feel it too,
But you never prove me that it’s true…

I tried to deal with your personal stuff
But dealing with you is pretty tough

I can’t do this anymore,
Waiting for you to call has became a chore

I believe it’s something that you’ll NEVER do
Now I’m sitting here at home waiting for you

I haven’t heard anything from you until today,
Would I live forever in dismay?

Everything you do comes before me,
You’re losing me again… I hope you see..

I miss you more than I could ever say
You’ll realize something may go wrong one day

When all the drugs are gone
And you’re sitting in your room all alone

When the phone doesn't ring and I’m nowhere to be seen
Don’t even wonder where am I, coz now you got him…

:: mEmBaKaR DiRi ::

Hidupku ini, diibaratkan macam lilin..
membakar diri menerangi orang lain
Tapi, tak semua orang mengerti,
nyalaan ini kan padam suatu hari nanti..

Dah tak ada orang nak pakai, sekarang semuanya diterangi lampu.
Bila bekalan elektrik terputus, baru tercari-cari diriku
Tak mengapa, aku sentiasa setia,
berada disini untuk menemaninya
Dan sebaik sahaja lampu kembali menyala,
apiku dipadam,disimpan semula..

Terlalu hinakan hidupku?
sehingga kau termampu buat sebegitu??
mengapa tidak dibuang sahaja jika aku tidak berguna lagi?
sekurang-kurangnya ada orang lain yang mungkin bisa kuterangi??

Bagimu.. aku tiada nilai apa-apa..
Apiku ditiup kan terpadam jua..

Tidak seperti lampu yang lebih terang,
Panasnya pun tidaklah berbahang,
Lebih selamat bersama si lampu,
daripada bahaya bersama aku..

Mengapakah aku dijadikan boneka?
Tidakkah kau tahu hatiku terluka?

Aku hanyalah lilin sayang... hanyalah sebatang lilin..
Pastikah jua dipermainkan walaupun bersama orang lain..

Namun begitu,
Aku masih ingin bersamamu,
Kerana aku sentiasa tahu,
kegelapan mungkin datang menyelubungimu..

Janganlah risau, kerana aku pasti membakar semula,
mahupun apiku kecil, namun aku tetap setia..

Telah lama ingin kuluahkan semua ini,
Walaupun aku tahu kau tidakkan peduli,
Lilin yang kau anggap tidak mempunyai hati,
Sebenarnya bersabar dengan sikapmu saban hari..

Aku menemanimu hanya sementara,
Sehingga sinarmu muncul semula,
Diriku jangan kau cari lagi,
kerana semuanya sudah berakhir..

Isi hatiku ini tak mungkin kau dengari,
Kerna ku cuma lilin yang membakar diri...

:: KeNaLiLaH aKu ::

My Top 10 Most Favorite Foods :

1. ayam goreng yg sgt garing
2. roti canai/naan kaya
3. nasik lemak ayam kat hakim
4. satay kat satu gerai kat kelantan
5. root beer + float!
6. kueh tiaw special Sani..
7. teh o ais limau minuman kegemaran
8. sundey kat McD
9. nasik goreng ikan masin sec 2.
10. big apple, j-co donut

Top 10 Things I Love Doing :

1. main basketball
2. online + facebooking
3. lepak dgn kwn2 tercinta
4. drive + rempit lelaju
5. dengar lagu kuat2 sambil nyanyi kuat2..
6. merenung bulan & bintang sambil main gitar
7. tidur bersama Ciciko!!
8. lepak ngan fizi dan member2 sambil usha aweks..
9. main game racing dan game tembak2..
10. keluar jenjalan ngan kakak!!! =p

5 Things I Love Doing When I'm EMO :

1. I'd scream out loud
2. go to somewhere dark and quiet and play my guitar
3. cry... let go everything's inside
4. I'll call Sue, she's the best listener who can listen to the silent voice of my heart..
5. Drive carelessly... fast.. try to kill myself...

Top 5 Types of Girls I Adore :

1. my mom
2. my kakak
3. my Ciciko
4. my Nanako
5. my L...

5 Things I Love Doing When I'm Happy :

1. sing and dance!!
2. dance in the car wif loud musics!!
3. I'll smile and stare into her eyes without saying a word..
4. Workout, building muscles
5. Sing again.. hahhaaha...

5 Things I Wish To Happen :

1. Dapat bwk kete dtg shah alam..
2. Dapat awek..
3. Tiba-tiba jadik kaya
4. minah sial tu bersujud mintak maap siap cium kaki...
5. tengok abang dan kakak happy together2 forever!!

My Top 10 Most Addicted Song :
1. Lady gaga - Just Dance
2. Mayday Parade - Miserable at best
3. Taylor Swift - Love Story
4. A1 - Like a Rose
5. Bunkface - Situasi
6. britney spears - circus
7. agnes monica - matahariku
8. MUH - Laguku Untukmu
9. Taylor swift - Teardrops on my guitar

10. Estrella - stay

5 People I Wish 2 Tag :

1. Ejie
2. Asril
3. Piji
4. Fiezi
5. Megat

:: NoThInG LaStS eNdLeSsLy ::

I wrote this down.. Because what happened to me today was really something I wish I didn't see...

Nothing Lasts Endlessly

What am I supposed to do?
When all I think about is you?
Am I just a shoulder to cry on?
Every night, everyday, when he’s gone?

I wonder when this is going to be over,
Will it be soon, will it be later?
Because to me it seems like forever,
To see her eyes drenched with tears…

I don’t think that I can take it anymore,
To see she cries for the guy she adores,
As her tears really hurts my heart,
Just like being stabbed by a poison dart.

Why doesn’t she just look into the open skies?
Stare at the moon and the star lights,
Forget everything even for a little while,
Coz I really miss to see her smile =]..

I wonder what if I were not here,
Would she forever live in fear?
Now that I’m afraid to leave her alone,
Not until the trouble is gone

She’s a very good girl, isn’t she?
But this is the only thing he couldn’t see,
Was the truth shadowed by the darkness of his life?
or were the lights dim in his eyes?

Her heart is as fragile as feather,
That’s why she needs you to move further,
If you really want to be there forever,
I’m always here to guide you to her..

Please don’t ever wonder why,
If you discovered that this cupid’s going to die,
Don’t cry, just give me the last smile,
Coz without it, I just couldn’t say goodbye

I won’t be here any longer,
I believe it’s time for me to disappear,
Now it’s your turn to take her hands,
And love her endlessly till the end…

-adam harris, March 10, 2009 @ 5:11am-

:: ThInKiNg Of yOu ::

I sit here quietly and watch the sun set
Thinking of someone that I've never met
I wonder does she think of me too
Needless to say I am thinking of you

Wanting to hold you, to see your face
To take you away to a better place
You feel so right, too good to be true
I just can't stop thinking of you

My friends say that I might regret
Losing my heart to a girl I've not met
I say there is nothing I can do
I cannot help thinking of you

I believe you were made special for me
But wonder if that could possibly be
I'm tired of being so alone and blue
But I always smile when thinking of you

:: AbOuT mE ::

Korang mesti penah jumpa notes ni kat facebook kan? dalam banyak2 soalan, aku kat sini nak bagi jawapan kepada beberapa soalan yang ramai gagal menjawab tentang diri aku. hehehe...

"Leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember! Don't send a message, just leave a comment on here to answer each of the question. Next, re-post this in your notes and see how many people leave a memory about you. It's actually pretty cool (and funny) to see the responses."

4.Give me (or choose) my nickname
>> Adam Celak, Cell, Adam Helikopter, Wolverine.. itu adalah nickname aku

5.What's my personality like?
>> Cool, but a lil bit of poyo.. someone got this right!! ada yg jwb baik hati? hehehe..

6.What's my favorite food and drinks?
>> fud: roti canai kuah dal banjir campur gula, drink: teh o ais limau.. got that?

7.What do you think I will be in 10 years?
>> I may not become a practicing lawyer, that's for sure..

8.Have you ever hugged me?
>> Semua orang tak pernah.. kalau ada yg jawab ya, itu semua dusta. hehehe..

10.If you and I were stranded on an island, what would I bring?
>> I won't bring anything since I got you with me =]..

13. What is my best attribute?
>> Ada jwb pemurah, good friend, etc... acceptable, but I don't think that I'm that good. lalalaa~

:: It'S nOt OvEr yEt ::

I keep on thinking, whether it's time to make it serious, or whether it's time for me to let go. I just can't take it anymore. It keeps on lingering in my head. The thoughts of her never stop running through my mind.. Like a daydream in the morning, like a nightmare when I'm asleep.

What should I do? Should I just pretend like I don't like her? Or should I just say everything that I ever wanted to say. I just can't believe my ears about what people say about her. If I just ignore everything that they told me, does that mean that I'm running away from the truth? If I take it seriously, would it hurt me the most? If I just pretend like I never heard of it, would I still live this life the way it supposed to be?

The truth is, I still love her, my love never fades, Indeed, it grows as days passed by. Though she shouted at me "I HATE YOU!!" for so many times, it never change the feeling I have for her deep inside my heart. Now that she has come back to my life. I don't know what to do. No one gives a better answer than saying that "it's over".

I know, it's hard to choose between love and friendship since both will take your breath away if you try to run away from it. The most important thing I can rest assure, if I want to run away from Love, all I have to do is close my eyes. but closing my eyes means tears will roll down my cheeks, because the pain I feel inside my heart is so deep..

adam harris

:: JiWa KaCaU ::

Aduh.. sakit.. sakit... sakit jiwa aku dibuatnya. perasaan ni datang balik. Tapi ini bukan broken hearted sepertimana yang selalu terjadi diakibatkan wanita, tapi perasaan pelik yang aku pun tataw camne lagi nak explain. Kadang-kadang, aku jadi emo semacam, asyik rasa nak marah orang, nak merajuk tak tentu hala, nak bersajak tak tentu pasal... fuuh.. aku asyik kutuk kaum pompuan ni complicated, sekarang aku terasa diri aku sendiri yang super complicated kalo nak dibandingkan dengan diorang.

setelah aku dok melepak kat balkoni rumah aku ni sensorang, aku cuba fikir balik, apa sebenarnya yang menghantui aku sampaikan perasaan ni wujud dalam diri. Sekarang dah pukul 4 pagi, dah dekat 3 jam aku kat sini macam orang gila, semata-mata kerana memikirkan masalah yang sering timbul ni.

sebenarnya, aku kesunyian. sangat sangat!!! bukan sebab pompuan, tapi sebab aku takde kawan! Ye lah kan, sekarang tengah cuti 4 hari, si Megat pegi Kuantan, Sue sibuk dengan assignment, Asril kerja, Anas date ngan awek, dan Akak plak balik rumah.. Memang gile bosan!! bayangkanlah, kalo setiap malam aku akan melepak dengan mana-mana diantara mereka, tup tup semuanya hilang dalam sekelip mata. damn!! seolah-olah hidup aku "hilang" untuk seketika.

Bila jadi macam ni, memanglah ada orang yang akan jadi "mangsa" aku. Kalau dekat YM, sapa2 yang online je, memang aku akan tegur, dan bercakap benda yang bukan-bukan. aku akan merepek sampai dia pulak yang bosan mendengar. ada yang sampai tak mau reply, ada juga yang sampai terus INVISIBLE!! pukimak betul!! macam ni ke member? apa ke lancau korang nak buat macam ni kat aku?? time korang susah, korang cari aku, time aku susah, itu lah, ini lah, macam-macam alasan yang aku dengar. ye la kan, dunia ni penuh dengan orang yang berpura-pura.

bak kata Fergie, "big girls don't cry", but to me, big boys do!! aku bila dah rasa macam tekanan semacam, all that I can do is just cry myself to sleep. macam bangang je bunyinya. GILA pun ada. bagi aku, kawan-kawan ni lah keluarga aku kat sini. takde diorang, aku rasa dunia ni kosong.. sangat sangat kosong... gelap, seolah-olah aku berjalan tanpa arah.

aku tak tau lagi dah nak cakap apa, kalau aku membebel panjang-panjang pun, bukannya ada sapa nak membaca blog aku ni sebenarnya, dan kalau ada pun, berapa kerat sangat yang akan memberikan perhatian kepada apa yang aku carutkan kat sini? aku tak kisah kalau korang langsung tak endah, mungkin memang aku dah ditakdirkan sampai mati hidup begini, so, biarkan aku sendiri..

-adam yang emo-