:: aLmOst ::

Last night, I was on my way to meet my friends, we were planning to watch the World Cup, England's 3rd game.. Well, the game starts at 10pm, and it was already 950pm at that time. I was already late but then it was a damn raining night as I could barely see the road.

The traffic light. It was red, and I got like a mile of clear lane in front of me. Right after the light turned green, I stepped on the gas pedal, trying to make it there as soon as possible.

Suddenly, everything turns south when my tyres lost the grip and the car skidded sideways, slipping all over the surface of the slippery road!!! It moved to the right, to the fast lane, and almost into the other side of the road! A few moments from there, I could be a dead meat now!

In a split of a second, something crossed my mind, "If I do not survive, would she be ready to lose me this way?"

You might think that could be a stupid thing to think of at the moment. But to me, that what made me use all my strength to swerve the car back to the left, sudden breaking, drop gear quickly, and step deep on the gas pedal to get back the car on track..

I was shocked... freaking shocked.. It was quite a near death experience. But when I came back home, there's only one thing that plays in my mind..

"The one I love may hurt me to death, but I won't die if that may hurt the one I love.."

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