:: My LoVe-No-MoRe LeTtER ::

Dearest Ex,

how are you now?
I believe you're extremely fine without me.
I wish you know how I'm doing since the day YOU LEFT me.
Well, I never thought you'll eventually choose him over me,
but then again, that was what you did.
The decision is yours,
Who am I to say anything.. It's YOUR FUTURE anyway, (your future only?)
Whom to be with.. the so-called forever and ever thingy.

Dear Ex,
Since the first day I became your second boyfriend,
I always told you that I can really read your mind.
You're such an idiot then, for believing that.
There are still things in which I hope to let you know.
But let's just save the best for last.
I keep several things away from you,
Though now we are apart,
Because these things can definitely break your heart.

Dear Ex,
How's your relationship?
It's getting better perhaps..
Maybe I should stop guessing,
you definitely love him more than you used to love me.

Oh ya, one more thing,
Please stop sending me stupid text messages anymore.
I'm sick and tired of that bitch witch!!
"I can't forget you.." "I still miss you" "I still love you..."
what the hell were those for?
I won't say that you've got the wrong number,
but I do say,
Wrong time, you're already too late.

If there's anything else that you want to say,
just KEEP IT to yourself, like what I did.
Will you?

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